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Cake  Flavors


Absolutely Vanilla:  This vanilla infused delight is sure to satisfy any cake lovers desire for moist flavorful cake. This cake is a sure bet for birthday parties, weddings and every other occasion you can think of. 


Almond Twist: This cake receives an unyielding thumb's UP  for its elegant almond taste and velvety texture. This dessert is soft and moist. Great with a raspberry jam filling and almond buttercream. 


Best Lemon Zest:  This flavorful lemon cake is made with real lemon zest and is not overbearing in taste. This cake is fluffy, moist and delicious. It pairs well with cream cheese buttercream, lemon curd or lemon buttercream frosting. 

Carrot Harvest: This homemade delight is fresh with hand grated carrots, juicy raisins, and moist coconut flakes.  Sandwich this cake between our sweet cream cheese frosting to 'yum' it up even more. 

Chocolate Persuasion: It's ok to be naughty from time to time. Yield to the temptation of this rich mouth-watering delight. Pair this cake with any of our staple buttercream frostings for a decadent and flavorful experience.

Chocolate Cappuccino: Now you can drink your coffee and eat it too!  This alternative to the chocolate cake is too good to put into words. Try it with almond buttercream and prepare to say..."WOW! This is so good!"


Cinnamon Swirl: This tasty 'cinnamony' cake combines our absolute vanilla cake with a hefty swirl of fresh cinnamon and rich brown sugar. Pair this with our cream cheese frosting and enjoy a burst of goodness with every bite.  


Citrus Zest:  This cake tastes like spring! With a flavorful combination of almond and orange zest, it is the perfect alternative to a bland, white wedding cake and is even better when accompanied with our smooth citrus buttercream. This cake is perfect for an event with lots of grown folks. 


Coconut: You'll use your southern accent once you taste this yummy scratch delight. This cake uses moist flakes of coconut and will remind you of good southern living. Fill this with our traditional vanilla buttercream or coconut cream filling for a heehawing flavor.


German Chocolate:  This cake is scrumptious and sweet. It is made our scratch coconut-caramel filling that you will want to eat with a heaping tablespoon. Our German chocolate cake is so rich in flavor it doesn't need frosting. Just gobble it down with a fork and a tall glass of milk. 


Red Velvet Love:  This crimson creation has a hint of cocoa and is both flavorful and charming. Enjoy this with cream cheese filling and real vanilla buttercream.


Strawberry Burst: This soft, pink cake makes you feel young and giddy on the inside. Pair this cake with a cream cheese filling and our smooth vanilla buttercream. You'll smile from the inside out!

Feel free to mix and match any of these cake, frosting or filling flavors


Frosting Options


Cream Cheese 

Milk Chocolate 




Chocolate Ganache, 

German Chocolate 


Mousse & Cream Filling Options

White Chocolate-Almond

Vanilla Cream

 Strawberries & Cream (seasonal) 

Cherry Almond Cream


Coconut Cream

Fruit & Preserve Filling Options




Chocolate Ganache


Important Notes

  • Most of our cakes are approximately 4 inches tall with one layer of filling. (Exceptions include sheet cakes, cupcakes, and sculpted cakes.)

  • We do not offer specialty-diet options. Our kitchen uses eggs, wheat, and nut products. 

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